Our Story

The story started through a 97% of natural ingredients body lotion made in Poland.

our story

A Malaysia globetrotter who currently staying in Poland find herself allergy to weather of middle europe and required the pampered of body lotion to ease the skin irritation. While a lot of skin care products come with chemical substances and pricy, the meet with the Poland local brand products provide a totally new perspective ~

  • Good quality
  • Gentle
  • Natural
  • Originally and nicely scented
  • Well-priced

A sharing with friend in Malaysia trigger the thought of bringing in these well-priced earth-friendly products to Malaysia as an effort to contribute in building stronger environmental friendly living lifestyle in Malaysia.

That’s how nulounu was born.

To be the integral part of the earth-friendly efforts in Malaysia through products we share for A LIVE LIGHT FUTURE: a “lightweight” society that values earth-friendly products to support the health of both living being and earth without unnecessary packaging.
Cultivate a lighter earth & living by sharing Earth-friendly Products and the Values behind to MALAYSIAN with reduced packaging waste and campaign for living style change.


sujata ng chearn ying Su Ping
Behind the nulounu efforts are 2 founders

Sujata, Biz-all-rounder cum Artistic globetrotter currently reside in Poland who drive the way

CY, 2-roles (International corporate employee & housewife) Malaysian who triggered & dive in to execute the effort

and a Sdn Bhd company to ground the overall.

In December 2019, we have Su Ping, a cross-industry partner that share the same goals onboarded to work together on the effort.

Would you like to join us? 😊

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