“Polish” your Christmas with Kompot

Polish Kompot“Polish” your Christmas with Kompot

Why don’t you “polish” your Christmas this year with Polish dried fruit kompot, a Polish traditional holiday beverage?

It uses summer’s bounty that has been preserved by drying, and then reconstituted with sugar or honey, water and spices. It is a traditional Christmas Eve (Wigilia) drinks and originally was made with 12 dried fruits to represent the 12 apostles. When made thicker, it’s wonderfully served on toast or ice cream. If refrigerated, it can be kept for about 1 week.

Although it is served mainly at Christmas Eve dinner, there are fans who like to drink it all year long as it quenches thirst really well. A glass of kompot is a typical dinner drink in many Polish homes.

According to one theory, the tradition of making this sweet drink is several hundred years old and goes back to the times of the Ottoman Empire. It was mentioned in 1885, Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczowa recipe book, that kompot preserved fruit so well it seemed fresh. There is a saying that the consumption of kompot has been declining since 1980s in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, supplanted by fruit juice, soft drinks, and mineral water. But in Poland, kompot still can be seen anywhere in the country. Although it has recently lost its significance, but it is still an intrinsic element of a traditional Polish dinner.

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